Study Circle
History :
The evolution and growth of Study Circle is perhaps one of the most unique growth stories in the recent history of modern Maharashtra. The institute was born out of the vision and clear intentions of one man - Dr. Anand Patil. In a true sense, the growth of this organisation is comparable to the growth of the Rayat Shikshan Sanstha in Maharashtra.
Founder Dr. Anand Patil :
After having opted for one of the most prestigious careers in the country, the first step you need to take towards your goal is that of understanding the examination procedure and then planning your strategy for success. This first step is important as - First Step well taken is half the Battle won!!
Team Study Circle :
The greatest strength of Study Circle is it’s teaching staff. Due to years of experience and dedication the institute today boasts of a faculty which is the right blend of subject expertise and orientation towards teaching for competitive exams. The faculty of Study Circle comprises of both full time faculty and associate lecturers or guest lecturers. Global Education and Research Trust :
Global Education and Research Trust is a Charitable Trust setup vide registration with the Charity Commissioner. The aim of the Trust is to provide quality educational and healthcare services to the common man.
Competitive Exams :
Competition is nothing but the fight for acquiring scarce resources, services or posts by a large number of people. It has been an ongoing process even before the dawn of mankind as we know it today.
Interview Training :
Study Circle is probably the only institute in the state which provides result oriented interview training programs customized to suit the needs of any recruitment or selection procedure.
Though we do understand that it is almost impossible to change completely the personality of a candidate ,we firmly believe that professional and need oriented personalized training enables a candidate to appear before the Interview Board equipped with adequate knowledge, confidence and composure.
Branches :
The growth of Study Circle has been like Cascading Waterfall. What started as a small trickle of informal guidance and motivation has today transformed into a huge waterfall of training , motivation and success. Today Study Circle is not looked upon as a class or a institution, but rather as a movement of social change and empowerment spreading the message that if you have the will, dedication and pure intentions you can do it no matter what socio - economic background you come from. Instrumental in spreading this positive message emanating from the vision of founder director Dr. Anand Patil have been the various centres of Study Circle and their respective centre heads and staff.