Ferns’ Pickles
Web site of one of India's oldest manufacturer of pickels showcasing the product range. Ferns' Pickles - This company, started by Mrs. N Fernandes, is a manufacturer of pickles and various masala pastes and has been in existence since 1937. Its products are already quite popular with the Asian community world-wide being exported for many years now. This site also has many recipes using these products. Benefit - Wider awareness as to the usage of these products thus expanding the market requirement.
Welcome to Ferns' Famous Indian Pickles & Pastes- Preserving the flavour of India since 1937, when the subcontinent was a melting pot of many cultures. Bring Ferns' Pickles home and relive the gracious hospitality of colonial India. Spice up your daily fare with a touch of our unique Condiment Pastes or try out some of our recipes on this site.
Mrs. N. Fernandes began a small venture in 1937 when she offered a selection of her home-made pickles and preserves in the market of her Indian town of Pune. The immense popularity gained by these products led to the establishment of the firm where 'Ferns' became the product brand.
Today 'Ferns' uses improved, sophisticated and efficient processes for the manufacture of their products. The unique processing method employed gives its products their special flavour and ensures a high standard of safety and hygiene. Quality is controlled at every stage- from the purchase of fresh ingredients to the final packaging- in order to maintain a consistent quality standard.
The year 2002 crosses another milestone- HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Program) certification from DNV (Det Norske Veritas).
Tradition continues as the firm is headed by third generation family members. Exports are managed in-house and Ferns products are sold today in Europe, Japan, Australia and Canada. Wide acceptance in world markets have proven to establish its credentials as a unique and authentic representation of the flavours of India.